UNESCO believes that education is a basic human right for all throughout life and there are acts in many countries that state that schools have the legal duty to enroll students. In countries such as Poland and Australia, a public school must not refuse a child who lives in its district as every student has a legislated right to enroll at their designated neighbourhood school. In Auckland, children are entitled to enroll in a school in their neighbourhood, regardless of whether the year levels are full and there is no minimum period of residence required in a zone before a student can attend a local school. In the United Kingdom and the United States , school admission authorities must not refuse to admit a child on the basis of their nationality, religion, sex, family’s race, whether they speak English or not, or immigration status. Every child, including non-citizens and undocumented students have the right to attend a public school and no school can remove them from enrollment on this basis. In South Africa, schools Act states that for both state and private school, no one can be refused admission to a school simply because education is every child’s right.

No public school can deny a child of education and for humanitarian reasons schools should be penalised refusal to enroll any student. Watch this space for updates.

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