Reading should begin right from the start, before a child acquires the skills of letter recognition. An early head start during the infancy and toddler phase builds word-sound awareness in children which is necessary for language acquisition. So we have specially selected a wide range of read aloud and picture books for parents and educators. According to researchers, most children start to imitate the action of reading a book aloud at the preschool stage and they can recognise some letters in their names. This is a good time for adults to introduce books with longer stories and let the preschoolers understand that print is read from left to right, top to bottom. From age 5 onwards, children can start reading independently and dabble with different genres. Let them predict how the plot will unfold and retell the story sequences. Shower them with books that allow rooms for imaginations and books that teach them about the world and values. All the books listed here are carefully vetted and deemed suitable for very readers till grade 7. Let’s enjoy getting lost with our little ones in this magical world of books that entice, entertain and educate.

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