Boon Lay Secondary School

Boon Lay Secondary School offers art at the lower and upper secondary levels. Students get to engage in various aspects of art education through learning the basic elements of art, principles of design, exploration of different skills and media and art theories.

Authentic learning opportunities for students include visits to art exhibitions, inter-department learning journeys, and collaboration with external partners on community art programs as well as art competitions.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Impart art as a technical practice, means of communication and way of thinking.
2. Introduce contemporary art practices to broaden students’ conception of art.
3. Integrate art history (major works, artists, movements) for broad-based understanding.
4. Develop basic technical capabilities to establish a reliable foundation of skills.
5. Expose students to various art mediums for greater creative possibilities.
6. Cultivate curiosity with problem-based projects for appreciation of the arts and lifelong learning.
7. Skills acquisition, processes and experiential learning over assessment-based learning and final product.

1. Portfolio assessment
2. 2-hour still life drawing assessment

Interested applicants should demonstrate outstanding talent in the area of aesthetics and passion for the visual arts. Students should be able to show present involvement/achievement in related CCAs or other competitions in the related areas.