How to take part?
1. Subscribe to us and be updated.
2. Download the music track. Do not modify. Films that do not have the music track dubbed to their films will be disqualified.
3. Send us your YouTube link. Each contestant can submit up to 3 videos. Hashtag: Nutsaboutartscontest2020

Submission can only use original footage and copyright material is strictly prohibited. Films can be live-actions or animations. All decisions of the jury members are final. The top 10 entrants’ submitted videos will be available online for public viewing and voting as to which video is the ‘best’. The individual whose video is watched the most or receives the highest score will be declared the winner. No entry fee and age restriction. Just be creative.

Film running time should equal the soundtrack run time, 1.35 minutes. Films must be family-friendly, with no nudity, violence and drugs. Films must include title cards with the film title, filmmaker’s name and composer’s name: Crystal Hwang.


Click to Download Sound Track