Exercise 10

Select three powerful words or phrases from this part of the story. Your choices
should include imagery. Explain how each word or phrase is used effectively in
the context.

Tips: Remember to start with a topic sentence to sum up the paragraph above
before moving on to your analysis.

Write about 100 – 150 words.

It was broad daylight when Anne awoke and sat up in bed, staring confusedly at
the window through which a flood of cheery sunshine was pouring and outside of
which something white and feathery waved across glimpses of blue sky.
For a moment she could not remember where she was. First came a delightful
thrill, as something very pleasant; then a horrible remembrance. This was Green
Gables and they didn’t want her because she wasn’t a boy!

But it was morning and, yes, it was a cherry-tree in full bloom outside of her
window. With a bound she was out of bed and across the floor. She pushed up
the sash—it went up stiffly and creakily, as if it hadn’t been opened for a long
time, which was the case; and it stuck so tight that nothing was needed to hold it

Anne dropped on her knees and gazed out into the June morning, her eyes
glistening with delight. Oh, wasn’t it beautiful? Wasn’t it a lovely place? Suppose
she wasn’t really going to stay here! She would imagine she was. There was scope
for imagination here.