Exercise 11

Select three powerful words or phrases from this part of the story. Your choices
should include imagery. Explain how each word or phrase is used effectively in
the context.

Tips: Remember to start with a topic sentence to sum up the paragraph above
before moving on to your analysis.

Write about 100 – 150 words

After the gloom of gray Atlantic weather, our ship came to America in a flood of
winter sunshine that made unaccustomed eyelids blink, and the New Yorker, who
is nothing if not modest, said, ‘This isn’t a sample of our really fine days. Wait until
such and such times come or go to such and a such a quarter of the city.’ We were
content, and more than content, to drift aimlessly up and down the brilliant
streets, wondering a little why the finest light should be wasted on the worst
pavements in the world; to walk round and round Madison Square, because that
was full of beautifully dressed babies playing counting-out games, or to gaze
reverently at the broad-shouldered, pug-nosed Irish New York policemen.
Wherever we went there was the sun, lavish and unstinted, working nine hours a
day, with the colour and the clean-cut lines of perspective that he makes. That
anyone should dare to call this climate muggy, yea, even ‘subtropical,’ was a
shock. There came such a man, and he said, ‘Go north if you want weather—
weather that is weather. Go to New England.’ So New York passed away upon a
sunny afternoon, with her roar and rattle, her complex smells, her triply over-heated rooms, and much too energetic inhabitants, while the train went north to
the lands where the snow lay. It came in one sweep—almost, it seemed, in one
turn of the wheels—covering the winter-killed grass and turning the frozen ponds
that looked so white under the shadow of lean trees into pools of ink.