Exercise 3

Select three powerful words or phrases from this paragraph. Your choices should include imagery and explain how each word or phrase is used effectively in the context.

Tips: Remember to start with a topic sentence to sum up the paragraph above before moving on to your analysis.

Write about 100 – 150 words.

He came out of a sleep that was half nightmare, to see the red-hued she-wolf before him. She was not more than half a dozen feet away sitting in the snow and wistfully regarding him. The two dogs were whimpering and snarling at his feet, but she took no notice of them. She was looking at the man, and for some time he returned her look. There was nothing threatening about her. She looked at him merely with a great wistfulness, but he knew it to be the wistfulness of an equally great hunger. Her mouth opened and her saliva drooled forth. A spasm of fear went through him.