Exercise 9

Select three powerful words or phrases from the first paragraph. Your choices
should include imagery. Explain how each word or phrase is used effectively in
the context.

Tips: Remember to start with a topic sentence to sum up the paragraph above
before moving on to your analysis.

Write about 100 – 150 words.

The magician was buckling the girl into a plywood coffin, which was painted
garishly with red and blue bolts of lightning. Her neck and head stuck out at one
end, her ankles and feet at the other. She beamed. The magician started up an
electric saw and brought it noisily down through the center of the box, sawing her
in half. Then he wheeled her apart, her legs going one way, her torso another. Her
neck fell back, her smile faded, her eyes showed only white. The lights dimmed. A
child screamed. Wiggle your toes, the magician ordered, flourishing his magic
wand, and she did; her disembodied toes wiggled in glittery high-heeled pumps.
The audience squealed with delight. The hunter watched her pink, fine-boned
face, her hanging hair, her outstretched throat. Her eyes caught the spotlight.
Was she looking at him? Did she see his face pressed against the window, the
wind slashing at his neck, the groceries—onions, a sack of flour—tumbled to the
ground around his feet.

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