Tell Us Who’s the Genius?

According to The Economist, “Forensic musicologists are suddenly in high demand as songwriters sue each other over copyright“. In fact, for many years, there have been too many cases of musical plagiarism. Some blatantly sampled a piece of music by taking a segment of the original piece and using it in a different song. There are others who copy a motif of the original piece. There is also this common saying that there is always a fine line between inspiration and plagiarism. So now, be the judge. Who’s the genius? Who’s a mere follower? Who was inspired and who plagiarised?

Pachelbel vs Beethoven vs HELLOVENUS

Shostakovich vs Arthur Warrell

Schumann vs Chopin

Linkin Park vs BTS

Queen vs Aaron Copland

Eric Carmen vs Rachmaninoff

Ariana Grande vs *NSYNC

Aerosmith vs Queen

TLC vs Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga vs Johann Sebastian Bach

One Republic vs Bach

Beethoven vs Nas

Schumann vs GFRIEND