Quotes on Friends

1. ‘Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart.’ – Washington Irving

2. ‘Friends are the siblings God never gave us.’ – Mencius

3. ‘In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’ – Martin Luther King, Jr.

4. ‘A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.’ – Martin Farquhar Tupper

5. ‘My dad said to me growing up: ‘When all is said and done, if you can count all your true friends on one hand, you’re a lucky man.’ – Josh Charles

6. ‘True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island… to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing.’ – Baltasar Gracian