How To Write A Diary/Journal Entry

What is a Diary/Journal Entry?

A diary/journal entry is the most informal and personal type of writing. It is a form of self-expression which helps us keep track of our thoughts and release our frustrations in a healthy and safe way. It helps in self-discoveries and developments. We can write about things that happened/is happening, pen down our problems, feelings, and about our aspirations and plans. Sometimes, teachers asked students to write a diary/journal entry in examinations to test their imaginative, creative and expressive skills.

7 Important Points to Remember:

1. Write in first-person pronoun ‘I’.
2. Date at the top right hand corner
3. Clear paragraphs with topic sentences
4. Write about the feelings/emotions, explore thoughts
5. Give a vivid portrait of what happened/is happening
6. Use time connectives: Example: Finally, afterwards, earlier
7. Use tenses fluently, present, past and future

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