Musical Notes

Learning how to read the notes used in music notation is akin to learning a language. It is the building block of music so it is important for anyone who is learning an instrument, to know the vocabulary used in music. Some educators claimed that learning how to read music is not a prerequisite for one to learn an instrument simply because one can play by ear. In all honesty, playing by ear has its advantages but it is not rocket science to know the downside of this approach. One who learns an instrument purely by this method will have to listen to a piece of music first before he or she could attempt to play it. On the other hand, if you can read notes, you can start playing any piece without the need to listen to it first. All you need is the music score. Learning music notes is really not a daunting affair. Practice makes perfect. Once you have learnt how to read notes, you can play any piece in the world. Does that sound exciting? If so, try out these quizzes now and practice them daily. Have fun and do not give up!

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