1. Her heart skipped a beat when she met her idol for the first time.
2. His heart was racing and aching.

1. The moon was resting in the midnight sky.
2. The moon slow danced in circles on earth.
3. The moon is a merry ball of glowing radiance, bringing light on the darkest of nights.
4. The moon is a ghostly spectra, a glowing demon that lurks in the dark sky.

1. The stars winked at me.
2. The stars danced playfully in the moonlit sky.

1. The sun is beating down on me.
2. The first rays of morning tiptoed through the meadow.

1. The tree danced in the breeze.

1. The street is beautiful and lined with trees filled with autumn colours.

1. The sofa looked at me invitingly.

Old car
1. The tired old car coughed and wheezed as it made its way up the steep hill brimming with potholes.

1. The wind whistled a tune as it strolled by.
2. The wind howled its mighty objection all night.
3. The breeze caressed her face.
4. The gentle breeze whispered to the fluttering leaves.
5. A gentle breeze whispered from heaven.

1. The shadows of the leaves dance in the wind.

1. A host of golden daffodils fluttered and danced in the breeze.
2. The flowers waltzed in the gentle breeze

1. Rain makes lush things smile.
2. Rain keeps humming all the while, drumming against my dissolving window.

1. The steak we had was so tough it fought back to my knife and fork.

1. Time raced by me in a blur.