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There are different types of writing and it is essential to know their specific purposes, structures and styles.

How to Write a Narrative Essay

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

How to Write a Persuasive/Argumentative Essay

How to Write an Expository Essay

How to Write a Letter & an Email

How to Write a Newspaper Report

How to Write a Magazine Article

How to Write a Dialogue

How to Write a Speech

How to Write a Diary/Journal Entry

Summary Writing

Examiners today expect students to be avid readers as they are required to display logic and matured reasoning in writing. Check out Facts/Findings for Expository/Persuasive Essays. It consists of videos and readings which will be helpful for students and educators. It is impossible to write expository or persuasive essays without facts to make a strong case as these types of essays are not fictional or imaginative writing.

Art of Writing/Figurative Language
No one is born a writer. Stephen King said, “Writers are made, not born.” So everyone can learn the art of beautiful writing by putting in hard work. Check out good phrases/writing, idioms, quotes to hone your writing style.

Grammar is very important as it is the structure that conveys precise meaning from the writer to the reader. We should study grammar so we will not make common grammatical mistakes and learn to use English language in an understandable way.

An experiment was carried out on many native/non-native speakers and the findings showed that many of them are confused with the pronunciation of many English words. Check out pronunciation errors and find out if you also make those mistakes.

Literature Resources (Synopsis, character analysis, themes and etc)
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Check out Learning App Recommendations and make learning of English fun.

Save yourself the hassles of preparing teaching materials by checking out Printables for Educators and Parents so you can focus on teaching.