Who’s the Perfect Boss?

Pop superstar Ed Sheeran bought a restaurant in a popular area of London, which quietly opened to the public, under the name Bertie Blossoms. During the lockdown, he was not taking taxpayer dollars to pay his 10 employees. Instead, he told everyone not to worry and that he would pick up the tab and see them once the world gets back to normal. He also told his staff that they could go out and seek other employment if they wanted or they could help the nation by doing voluntary work. Who’s the perfect boss? It’s too obvious isn’t it? WELL DONE, Ed!

Everyone’s saying Ed Sheeran is a nice guy and if you do not entertain this belief, watch these interviews. He is indeed a down-to-earth, beautiful soul that is hard not to love.

One of the most important thing to do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.

Shannon L. Alder

Jon Bon Jovi definitely deserves the top honour title of being the best of the best boss, with the most beautiful soul. During this pandemic, he is still working in his restaurant – Soul Kitchen, five days a week. Guess what, he is not there to make promotional appearances at the dining area. Instead he is in the kitchen washing pots, pans and dishes. His restaurant provides meals to anyone that walks in. Those who can pay are welcome to donate, but those who can’t, still get to eat.

YOU ROCK, BON JOVI! Thank you for making this world a much better place.

It’s all very daunting but you can’t get into the darkness right now. We have to all contribute in that manner because it’s all the little things that add up to get us through this.

Jon Bon Jovi